Thirst Pioneers

As Oregon natives we are inspired by the swift growth of craft brewing and distilling in our state.  

We are a mix of entrepreneurs, creatives, and foodies.

Our inspiration for this product came from a desire to have a soft-drink available to us that is complex in flavor and interesting.  

We reject the concept of a boring soft drink that's loaded with sugar.  We reject the concept of using chemicals to supplement that sugar.  

We believe that pure natural ingredients can offer incredible taste, be commercially viable, and most importantly bring enjoyment to our friends.

Aaron Weast, Founder of Drink Shrub

Aaron Weast


My name is Aaron Weast, and I’ve been in consumer product development for the last 17 years - loving what I do! However, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial itch that I’d never been able to scratch, until now.

The origins of this idea are rooted in my post-recovery struggle to find non-alcoholic drink options that aren’t sugary sodas, diet sodas full of chemicals, or boring water. Missing the complexity in flavor and the sheer variety of options available from craft-brewed beer, wine, or spirits (particularly in the Pacific Northwest), I sought a solution that fit within my new and healthier lifestyle. Enter the Shrub!

I started this business both to share my tasty concoction with the world, but also to scratch the entrepreneurial itch that I’ve had my whole life. After recruiting some world -class talent from a number of highly respected brands, we’ve created a “dream team” that has what it takes to get this done with your help!

Another firm belief I have is that business can be an agent of change that benefits society. 


Steve Jarvis


My name is Steve Jarvis, born and raised in the UK, and now truly embedded with my whole family in the Pacific Northwest! I moved to Portland almost 10 years ago, and have fallen in love with with all of its natural beauty as well as the amazing food culture that is such a large part of our adopted home.

I’ve worked in the creative industry for over 20 years, and I met Aaron while we both worked at Nike, designing and developing products to help people live more active and healthy lifestyles.

After learning Aaron’s story and his mission, I jumped at the chance to join Shrub. I wanted to become a part of this amazing company and the dynamic local food and drink industry, all with the dual goals of bringing this special new product to you, and giving back in any way we can.

Abby Weast, co-founder, Drink Shrub

Abby Weast


My name is Abby Weast, and I have spent my entire career - 21 years so far - working in operations and finance for two large and wonderful companies. I have always been curious about what it would be like to work for myself, helping to create a product and a brand that I truly believe in.

Spending 12 of those 21 years in the food and beverage industry certainly has contributed to my desire to find fun and healthy ways to enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic drink like Shrub. I look forward to working hard to share Shrub with the world!

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